Baby Steps, or “My Brains is Mush”

My head hurts.  My brain is aching; the damn thing won’t stop, It’s been running at full speed nonstop, it seems. I’ve no idea how much sleep I’ve passed on the past few days.  But much like a soul-shaking lifting session at the gym, the hurt feels SO GOOD.

I really feel like I’m making progress; learning the ins and outs of……….well, business in general.  Through all my homework I’ve gained a lot of insight toward refining my product to suit the needs of the potential customers I seek, my target market.

By no means have I become a marketing guru, or a seasoned salesman.  At some point I will reach out to firms that will be able to translate my vision much more creatively and effectively than I.  For the moment, however, I’ve decided to take a stab at some market research.

I’ve included a link to a short survey I made.  Feel free to participate If you feel so inclined, and don’t hesitate to shoot me a little feedback; even if it’s negative, even if it’s about the survey itself!  And thank you so much!

<a href=”″>Click here to take survey</a>Image


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