Between Places and Rocks

During the interim my ideas have been changing: not quite evolving, but shifting in focus.  I think for the time being its something I’ve got to do, at least as a plan, while I am where I am.  A shelter-in-place approach, I guess, while the idea of location remains uncertain.   The double-edged blade comes into the mix in the form of a great new job; I’ll be making enough to really start investing capital, but for how long do I stay?

A part of me needs the gratification and feeling of fulfillment of  making big strides in turning my plan into real income.  Other parts are more calculating, cautious, and simply uncertain.  I think once I obtain the first, most important piece of this- the first car- I’ll settle a bit; I’ll really get things moving; I’ll definitely consider coming out of the shelter and getting started, and then consider whether or not moving is an option or the option.

Before anything really happens…….gotta have the money.



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