Broadsword Gets Broader

I’d really love to start making some money I can put away with this new job I have. In the meantime I’ve been working on building other skills. Today I decided I would jump outside my comfort zone, and so I’m going to study programming. Who knows, I may end up taking to it quickly, I may not. If anything, I’ll have a lot more than sports and beer to talk about with my father-in-law, a computer scientist of 30 years. 

If you find yourself so inclined, head to and see how your curiosity reacts. 



    1. I totally had to look those up, green as a Shamrock. Do I even want to think about how many different programming languages exist, or should I just think about soft, squishy things so my head doesn’t ache?

      1. Well, Python and PHP are based (at least initially ) on perl. Any structured programming language will give you the basic constructs.. then you have years of learning syntactical differences, mostly as you run across them unless you’re going to study all the time. Perl and Python and PHP give you fastest experiment times and varying levels of development cycle structure. To start, pick one and learn the basics… they will apply to any language you end up choosing to know in depth. If you could say what you hope to do for a first project I could offer some advice on how to get there quickly.

  1. My thoughts keep leaning toward some kind of productivity……program, I guess. Some kind of one trick pony. I’ve learned that I have to go slow and really understand the concepts as I progress; tried to teach myself Ubuntu, bust. Tried to teach myself AutoCAD by just diving in, and that proved frustrating.
    I’ve been a fan of BlackBerry for about ten years, I guess I’d like to work toward building something that could be used for that. And a rhythm game, I love those.

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