Broadsword Gets Broader

I’d really love to start making some money I can put away with this new job I have. In the meantime I’ve been working on building other skills. Today I decided I would jump outside my comfort zone, and so I’m going to study programming. Who knows, I may end up taking to it quickly, I may not. If anything, I’ll have a lot more than sports and beer to talk about with my father-in-law, a computer scientist of 30 years. 

If you find yourself so inclined, head to codeacademy.com and see how your curiosity reacts. 



Sorry, this endeavor has been pretty much stalled due to a lack of capital. I’m still trooping, still putting feelers out, networking. To be honest, I aim to use as little of other peoples money as possible; until I find a dreamer to join me, this is MY baby, and its gonna go my way.

In the meantime, feel free to check my other blogs, Right in the Fache (?) and The Stereo Stack.

As always, thank you so much for reading.

Hurry Up and Wait, My Favorite Game

I’d firstly like to thank you readers for coming on board; whether it’s for this blog or my other, I am grateful and hope to keep you.

The work week has been good and busy; but I think I’ve hit wall in my business plan building.  What’s needed is an experienced eye, to help me refine my broad strokes into a proposal that would actually do well.

Matter of fact, perhaps it would be a good idea to correspond with a banker.  I’d like to think they would be willing to help me build it the way they need it built to approve me; hell, I’ve put feelers out so many other places and they’re not giving me any bites, so any guidance at all only serves to help me.

Im heading to my hometown this weekend, and my good friend Eric is a business owner.  He would be so glad to have me pick his brain; I’ve always had a feeling he thought I was operating below my potential.  He’s so smart, business-minded.   Certainly someone I’d appreciate having on my team.

So i’ll take my plan to him, confident he’ll point me in the right direction.

I suddenly don’t feel so stagnant anymore.  Small victories.

"Let's get to work, goils!"

“Let’s get to work, goils!”

Baby Steps, or “My Brains is Mush”

My head hurts.  My brain is aching; the damn thing won’t stop, It’s been running at full speed nonstop, it seems. I’ve no idea how much sleep I’ve passed on the past few days.  But much like a soul-shaking lifting session at the gym, the hurt feels SO GOOD.

I really feel like I’m making progress; learning the ins and outs of……….well, business in general.  Through all my homework I’ve gained a lot of insight toward refining my product to suit the needs of the potential customers I seek, my target market.

By no means have I become a marketing guru, or a seasoned salesman.  At some point I will reach out to firms that will be able to translate my vision much more creatively and effectively than I.  For the moment, however, I’ve decided to take a stab at some market research.

I’ve included a link to a short survey I made.  Feel free to participate If you feel so inclined, and don’t hesitate to shoot me a little feedback; even if it’s negative, even if it’s about the survey itself!  And thank you so much!

<a href=”https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/K57BD65″>Click here to take survey</a>Image