Self improvement

Transformative Processes

I received an email this morning that let me to a really neat looking Infographic.  It was filled with statistics about the habits of wealthy people.  If I were asked about the details, I could probably recall one or two of those stats; the numbers are lost on me, but they’re unimportant to me anyway (not to mention subjective and likely out of context).  What did stick to my ribs  was the idea; the concept that these successful people, in whatever it is that they found that success, have certain ways.  Of course there are exceptions, but there’s also the rule.

In short order I came to realize that in wanting to become a business owner, I’ve only sought to change my profession, my knowledge base, my skillset, and that I would achieve my goals, which is entirely possible.  However I wonder what I would achieve if I altered my habits.  I suppose they’re generally good; I get lots of exercise, I eat well for the most part (my better half is a vegetarian, but I suffer from a severe sweet tooth), and I read when the mood strikes me.  But those I’m looking to follow the path of are a bit different.  They don’t watch much tv.  They track their goal-setting progresses in a much more detailed and organized manner.  Many are involved in volunteering endeavors.

These are all things I could do better.  I watch about twenty percent of the tv I used to; unfortunately, it’s basketball season.  I kept very detailed logs when I was a gym rat; I think, more than anything else, it was another thing to distract me from the realities I was surrounded with during my combat deployment.  I’ll have to look into community opportunities I can participate in; I remember volunteering as a kid, and it was always so much fun.  I’m also going to get my Spanish back to the high levels of fluency I once had.  Bilingual certainly can’t hurt.

This is all an intensive undertaking, but I’ve enjoyed the challenges I’ve met so far, and look forward to those in the future.