Between Places and Rocks

During the interim my ideas have been changing: not quite evolving, but shifting in focus.  I think for the time being its something I’ve got to do, at least as a plan, while I am where I am.  A shelter-in-place approach, I guess, while the idea of location remains uncertain.   The double-edged blade comes into the mix in the form of a great new job; I’ll be making enough to really start investing capital, but for how long do I stay?

A part of me needs the gratification and feeling of fulfillment of  making big strides in turning my plan into real income.  Other parts are more calculating, cautious, and simply uncertain.  I think once I obtain the first, most important piece of this- the first car- I’ll settle a bit; I’ll really get things moving; I’ll definitely consider coming out of the shelter and getting started, and then consider whether or not moving is an option or the option.

Before anything really happens…….gotta have the money.


It Shall Be Mine

I wish I was able to pinpoint exactly what stressors weighed most heavily on me over the past few days: it could be worries about my family, for their health and wellness; it could be the ongoing search for a better job, while at the same time researching, planning, developing and refining ideas for my own company; it could be a general anxiety over the unknown, which tends to rear it’s grotesque, disfigured visage now and then.

It could be none of the above.  It could be the protector and provider in me, tired of swimming in this purgatory of being able to provide but so much; the forces of nature are strong, indeed.

And my tombstone will read "Sucky Businessman"...

And my tombstone will read “Sucky Businessman”…

Either way, I’ve been feeling pretty unsure of myself, of my ability to succeed.  Then I realized I’d been watching too much tv; all the news about the economy suffering and businesses failing.  I made quick work of turning that motor-mouthed harpy off, and reassured myself that the more I put into my preparation, the more I’ll get from it.  My diligence will be the shining sun, and my ever-growing business skills the abilities that thrive under the light of that fiery star.

Ive been deep in the books  for the past eight hours or so, readdressing every idea I’ve had so far.  Recently I’ve asked for people to reach out to me, but the results of that have shown me I’ve got to reach out to them, directly.  I’ve arranged meetings with reps from my local chamber of commerce and the business arm of my bank, for guidance if nothing more.

Lastly I reminded myself that progress is motivating, hugely motivating to me.  Keep pushing, keep moving forward, keep learning.

I had this idea for an A/V accompaniment to my business plan once I have it complete and ready to pitch.  I wonder  how this would go.

oh, hello, internet!